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Do not attempt to fix it yourself! I have learned that it will cost you more if you try fixing it on your own. Good thing I trusted the professionals the third time around. My garage door used to close rather fast, and I thought I could fix it on my own when I saw that one spring was broken. Luckily a friend insisted that I call the professionals. I am glad I listened because when the technician came, he told me that the garage door was about to crash down any time. I immediately thought of how unsafe that would be for my kids who love to run around the garage and play. Do not wait for emergencies to happen. If your garage door is acting weird, call the professionals at once. They in fact offer a free consultation, too.

Thomas Davis

Our family will be going away for a weeklong vacation. My excitement made me forget that I needed to have our garage door repaired to make sure that our house was safe and secure while we were away. You see, my garage door would not close fully. My angels might have worked overtime because I suddenly recalled this need the night before we were about to leave the house for a vacation! I did not have any clue on what to do and who to call. So I decided to ask some friends and they recommended this company. I was expecting the customer service to be grumpy, given the time I was calling. But they were all warm and friendly. In fact, they sent someone right away because they understood that I badly needed help. When the technician arrived, he did a quick inspection and I was able to see a sense of urgency from him. He gave me some options from which I had to choose. Once I made my choice on how to fix the problem, he called a few more technicians to work on my garage door and they were done in half an hour. They didn’t over bill me, given that four technicians worked on my door. I am a very satisfied customer!

Erica Cha

I wasn’t even at home when this happened. My wife gave me a call and said she wasn’t able to open the garage door.  That time, she needed to take the kids to school and somehow she was already panicking. I came across Garage Doors Company’s website and dialed the number. I got a quick response. They sent technicians over to my house in a matter of 15 minutes after my call. I was put to ease when the technician called me while he was on his way to my house and was on the line during the entire service call. He explained what caused the problem. Apparently, a toy jammed the garage door so it won’t open. He also explained all the fees that we were billed, gave us options on what to do next as well as tips on how to maintain the type of garage door we have.  He even suggested the best route for my wife to take my kids to get to school on time. What an amazing service!

Robert Jeter

I was just browsing through the internet about garage doors and found that this company is the best in the area.  I was hearing a lot of stories about burglars. I was able to check out great reviews about their fast response, how affordable their rates are and that they have friendly technicians. So, I decided to give them a call. I asked if it was possible to have my garage door checked.  Since they have mobile technicians and one is near my house, I got a response 10 minutes after making that call. It was a free consult and the technician was very knowledgeable about garage doors. I actually learned a lot about garage doors, far more than I expected. This company is not after the profit. I was given different options on which services I can get to make sure that we are safe. The next day, I had my garage door repainted and a security system installed. To my delight, I now find myself writing this testimonial so others can know how brilliant their services are!

Dawn Thomas

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